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Newsletters 2024

Eclipses, Brackets, and Estimated Taxes

If you aren’t sure whether you’re going to be able to get your return(s) filed in time, you should file for an automatic extension. If you aren’t working with a tax accountant who can file an extension on your behalf, check out IRS Free File to file an extension for free regardless of your income level.

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It’s Officially Time To Talk Taxes!

Did you know that not everyone is required to file their taxes? Your filing requirement is based on factors like your gross income, age, dependent status, earned and unearned income, and how much you make if you’re self-employed.
You may be wondering why I’m telling you this… don’t I want you to file a tax return?

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New Year, New Tax Changes!

I hope you enjoyed your time off for the holidays this year because we’re about to dive head-first into tax talk. Was your New Year’s Resolution to be more educated when it comes to taxes? Start with these IRS inflation adjustments:

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