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Wake Me Up, When September Ends...

To file my extended taxes!

Did you extend your taxes back in April and then kind of just forget about your taxes for 5 months?! Consider this your wake-up call to start thinking about them again!

I know it can be tough to jump back into thinking about your taxes after the summer. Here’s where to start:

  • Business Owners:
    • Close out your 2023 bookkeeping and run your financial reports
    • Send any outstanding tax documents to your accountant/tax preparer
  • Individuals:
    • Gather all of your income and expense documentation
    • Gather any IRS letters or notices you’ve received
      Send any outstanding tax documents to your accountant/tax preparer

Don’t forget to make your
estimated tax payments on 9/15!

Football season is back!

Ready for me to tackle your bookkeeping? I’m opening up my calendar for a limited amount of no-obligation consultations where we can create a game plan for your bookkeeping.

If the football puns didn’t win you over (I swear I’m done), one of our tailored bookkeeping solutions will! Reply to let me know you’d like to claim one of my appointments.


Starting on January 1, 2024, domestic and foreign reporting companies will be required to report their beneficial ownership information. If you had to file a document with your secretary of state (or similar office) or register your foreign company to do business in the United States, this probably applies to you!

Check out FinCEN.gov to learn more and get answers to their FAQs

Bookkeeping Software Showdown

Trying to find the perfect bookkeeping software for your business is like going on 50 first dates… I’m saving you the headache by breaking down the pros & cons of the most popular bookkeeping software (yes, even spreadsheets get a shout-out in this freebie.)

Click the button below and let me know you’d like a copy of my Bookkeeping Software Showdown to find your fit whether you need to track inventory, send unlimited invoices, or just need a free option to get started!

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