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MARCH 2023

Spring is just around the corner, which means...

If you own a Partnership or an S-Corporation, your taxes are due on March 15th!

If that sentence just spiked your anxiety, it’s probably time to talk with your accountant about filing an extension.

Three reasons to file an extension:
– Your books won’t be done on time
– You’re still waiting on tax documents
– You simply don’t have time right now

If you’re planning to file for an automatic 6-month extension for your business taxes, you might want to file one for your individual taxes too.

And please keep in mind filing an extension just means you can file at a later date! If you owe taxes, you still need to make a tax payment on the due date.

Important Dates in March

March 15

File Form 1065 (or file for an extension)
Furnish All Partners With A K-1
File Form 1120-S (or file for an extension)
File Form 2553 To Make A 2023 Calendar Year S-Election

Spring Cleaning For Your Business

Don’t forget your business when you’re doing your spring cleaning this year!

I’ve put together a customizable Bookkeeping Checklist covering your weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual accounting tasks.

Even if you’re not DIY-ing your bookkeeping, keeping up-to-date with your business tasks can help you feel more in control of your finances!

Print a copy out and keep it by your desk!

Check it off the list!

Thanks so much for making it this far – I truly appreciate it! And I actually have a favor to ask you…

I’m beyond grateful to have such loyal, supportive clients, and my goal is to be able to serve even more business owners this year! I would truly appreciate it if you took a moment to leave a testimonial about your experience on Google or my website!

Our business is based on word-of-mouth and referrals, so your support is the greatest compliment! Hope you have a marvelous March!