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JUNE 2024

Father’s Day Is Just Around The Corner...

And if your dad is anything like mine was, he was known for puttering around the pool every weekend in the summer, killing any bugs you’re too scared to touch, and teaching invaluable life lessons.

But, as much as we look up to them, there’s one thing dads are are notorious for having: a boring, old accountant.

Here’s why I’m NOT like your dad’s accountant:

I can work with you WHEREVER you are. Say goodbye to bringing in your shoebox of receipts, and piles of papers to your tax person. You can meet with a doctor online, why not your accountant too?

I’m passionate about helping you understand your finances. I don’t expect you to understand complex accounting jargon. I’ll break down your finances in simple terms so that you can fully understand what’s going on!

I care about your whole financial picture. Whether you’re focused on big goals for your business, building generational wealth, or simply staying on top of tax deadlines, I care about every aspect of your financial health.

This Father’s Day, give your dad the gift of knowing that your finances are taken care of by a pro!

Guide to Estimated Taxes

Father’s Day isn’t the only big thing going on this month, you’ve also got estimated taxes due on June 17th!

If you’re self-employed, an independent contractor, a business owner, a landlord, or do anything else where you earn taxable income that isn’t subject to withholdings, you probably need to have this deadline on your calendar.

If you’ve got questions like:

  • Do I owe estimated taxes?
  • When are estimated taxes due?
  • How should I pay my estimated taxes?
  • How can I avoid estimated tax penalties?

You need to read this freebie! Click the button below, enter your email, and instantly download a copy.

Here’s how I can help: We provide clean-ups, set-ups, monthly or quarterly bookkeeping services to help estimate your tax liabilities. We are taking on new clients whether new business or seasoned or seasonal. We are here for you, just reach out

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